Study.Net is MIT Sloan’s Canvas integration that provides students with access to their Study.Net digital course pack from within the Canvas course.

Who Can Use It

Faculty, staff, and students.

Canvas Integration


How to Request for a Study.Net Course Pack

Refer to How to Request a Study.Net Course Pack for a Canvas Course.

How to Get Access

To access Study.Net in your Canvas course:

  1. In your Canvas course, click Study.Net Materials on the Course Navigation Menu.
    Screenshot of Study.Net Materials in Course Navigation Menu
  2. View your selected readings.
    Access from Canvas course navigation menu

How to Get Support


Study.Net provides end-user support as part of MIT’s Enterprise license. You can contact them directly by:

Note: If you have any questions about your Study.Net Course Pack or if it is NOT loading in your Canvas course, contact Study.Net’s Customer Service team.

MIT Sloan Teaching & Learning Technologies

Submit a support request for any questions related to:

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