At a Glance

Faculty may require additional technology to support their teaching. Please see our technology recommendations and alternatives that supplement the standard remote working hardware.

In this guide, you’ll learn what hardware we recommend for remote teaching.

Request Equipment

Faculty and Staff

To request any of the recommended equipment for your teaching, please order it directly or complete a support request.

If you would like a consultation about your AV setup for remote teaching, please complete the Consultation Request form. When completing this form, select Other in the What is the primary topic of this consultation section.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants (TAs) should use the central MIT form for requesting equipment located at:

Recommended Equipment





It’s important to test your microphone by recording yourself speaking by using software such as Windows Sound Recorder or Apple’s Quicktime.


  • Wired earbuds with microphone (ex. EarPods with 3.5 mm headphone plug)
  • Wireless earbuds with good sound quality (test as mentioned above)


  • Any standard headphones with a 3.5mm headphone plug
  •  USB:
  • The microphone in an external webcam

Other Optional Accessories

Annotation using a Digital Writing Surface


Please contact the MIT Sloan Help Desk ( for details on the recommended displays.

Note: Additional displays are often used for increasing the number of viewable remote participants, chat/polling, and preparing additional content.

Lighting and Green Screen

Optional equipment for faculty interested in doing green screen backgrounds or require special lighting configurations:

Green Screen

Lighting Kit

Emergency Equipment Solutions

Optional equipment recommendations for faculty to support teaching in case of an emergency such as loss of power or internet.

Battery Backup for Laptop or Mobile Device

Internet Backup/Hotspots

  • These are devices that carry their own cell plan and can handle a Zoom call in many locations. They are offered by most major carriers, including Verizon and AT&T.