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Two people standing in front of a screen filled with images, with one pointing at one imageAI
March 6, 2024

Supporting Learning with AI-Generated Images: A Research-Backed Guide

AI-generated images can be eye-catching, but do they actually help your students learn? Stunning graphics grab people's attention, but research shows they don't always boost learning. In fact, images with distracting…
Photograph of laptop with Copilot logo on the screenAI
February 21, 2024

Students Can Now Access Microsoft Copilot

We're excited to share that Microsoft Copilot access has now been enabled for students. Students can now take advantage of Copilot's suite of AI-powered productivity features such as content generation, document…
February 5, 2024

Microsoft Copilot Now Available for Faculty & Staff

MIT Sloan faculty and staff can now use Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered chat tool that provides data-protected access to GPT-4 and DALLE-3.Copilot aims to boost productivity in work and education…