At a Glance

Study.Net manages all copyright permissions and clearance for course packs at MIT Sloan. If you assign readings protected by copyright, this is a powerful resource to ensure compliance.

In this guide for teaching teams, you’ll learn how to embed Study.Net materials from your course pack into Canvas assignments.

Prepare your Course Pack

  1. Fill out a Study.Net Course Pack Request Form in MySloan.
    • Note: Only Faculty and Primary Course Administrators can access this form—TAs cannot.

Tip: Once Study.Net processes your request and you request they publish the course pack, it will automatically load in your Canvas course.

Connect your Course Pack to Canvas

Your Study.Net course pack automatically connects to your Canvas course after Study.Net processes your request and you request they publish the course pack. To confirm everything is working as expected, test the following:

  1. In your Canvas course, click Study.Net Materials on the Course Navigation Menu.
    Screenshot of Study.Net Materials in Course Navigation Menu
  2. Confirm that the course pack loads.
    Access from Canvas course navigation menu

If your course pack does not load, contact

Embed your readings in Canvas content

According to MIT Sloan’s Gold Standards for building Canvas courses, create pre-class readings as non-graded assignments in Canvas. Because assignment due dates appear on your Canvas course’s calendar, students are more likely to complete the readings on time.

  1. In your Canvas course, click Assignments in the Course Navigation Menu.
    Click Assignments
  2. Click +Assignment.
    Click Plus Assignment
  3. In the Rich Content Editor (RCE), click the Plug icon [1] and select View All from the drop-down menu [2].
    Click PlugIn Icon then Select View All from dropdown
  4. Type Study.Net into the Search field or scroll to find the tool. Click Study.Net material links to load your course pack.
    Search Study.Net or scroll to find
  5. Click the reading you want to assign. Repeat Steps 3-5 to add additional readings due that day to the same assignment.
    Click reading to add to assignment
  6. Format your assignment to your liking using the RCE, adding helpful language/context as needed.
    Readings linked in assignment
  7. Finish setting up the reading assignment according to MIT Sloan’s Gold Standards.