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We're part of Sloan Technology Services (STS), and our role is to connect the school to research-driven best practices, resources, and trainings in instructional technology and design—helping our community make an impact in the classroom and beyond.

Instructional Technology & Design

Our Instructional Technology & Instructional Design (ITID) team of technologists, designers, and educators partners with the MIT Sloan community to integrate research-backed pedagogy with cutting-edge educational technology.

AV Services

Our AV Services team of engineers and technicians partners with the MIT Sloan community to support its events and manage state-of-the art teaching spaces that seamlessly integrate technology to enable teaching & learning.

Meet the Teaching & Learning Technologies Team

Photograph of Jason Alvarez

Jason Alvarez

Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies

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Bryan Barton

Senior Audio-Visual Specialist

Photograph of Elias Bouquillon

Elias Bouquillon

Manager of AV Systems & Teaching Studio

Photograph of Paxton Copp

Paxton Copp

AV Services Supervisor

Photograph of Justin Kim

Justin Kim

Senior Instructional Technologist

Photograph of Elbert Lee

Elbert Lee

Audio-Visual Services Evening Supervisor

Photograph of Ken McCormick

Ken McCormick

Manager of AV Infrastructure

Photograph of Jillian Rubman

Jillian Rubman

Lead Instructional Designer

Photograph of Shallon Silvestrone

Shallon Silvestrone

Associate Director of Instructional Technology & Design

Photograph of Anna Wright

Anna Wright

Lead Instructional Technologist

Photograph of Joseph Zacher

Joseph Zacher

Instructional Technologist

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