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Tool Overview: Zoom

Learn what the Zoom LTI Pro is, how to access it in Canvas, where to get support, and related resources.

Term Start Checklist

Learn the key steps you should take to prepare your course technology at MIT Sloan so that you're ready to teach on Day 1 of classes.

Quick Start Guide: Poll Everywhere

Learn how to create and deliver a Poll Everywhere poll during a class session.

FAQ: Panopto

Have a question? Explore a list of frequently asked questions about using Panopto, including how to edit, share, and download videos.

How to Add and Manage Calendar Events in Canvas

Learn how to add and manage calendar events in your course in Canvas.

How to Add a Passcode to a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

Learn how to add a password to a Zoom meeting in your MIT Sloan course in Canvas.

What is a Zoom Scheduling Host?

Learn what the Zoom Scheduling Host is and how this role differs from Zoom Alternative Hosts.

How to Confirm That Students Can View and Download a File in a Canvas Course

Learn how to confirm if students can view and download a file in your Canvas course.

Quick Start Guide: Collect Student Feedback

Learn about tools you can use in your course to collect student feedback during and between class sessions.

How to Add Study.Net Materials in Canvas

Learn how to connect your Study.Net course pack to Canvas and embed your reading into a Canvas assignment.

What are the Default Settings for a Canvas Course?

Learn what the default settings are for a Canvas Course.

How to Get Help with Canvas

Learn how to get help with general Canvas questions as well as Sloan-specific tools including Study.Net, Membership, and Course Overview.

How to Add a Syllabus to a Canvas Course

Learn best practices for placement of a syllabus in a Canvas course.

Quick Start Guide: Panopto

Learn how to access Panopto, get support, and how to upload, record, edit, and share video content using Panopto.

How to Upload a Video to Panopto in Canvas

Learn how to upload a video from your computer to your Canvas site using Panopto.

Quick Start Guide: Course Overview Tool

Learn what the Course Overview Tool is, how to access it, and what information is displayed through this tool.

Quick Start Guide: Membership

Learn how to access, get support, and use the Membership Tool in your MIT Sloan Canvas course.

Quick Start Guide: Zoom

Learn how to get started using Zoom, including how to schedule, host, join, and recording and meetings, share your screen, and more

FAQ: Poll Everywhere

Have a question? Explore a list of frequently asked questions about using Poll Everywhere at MIT Sloan.

FAQ: Zoom

Have a question? Explore a list of frequently asked questions about using the Zoom app.