At a Glance

If you (as the Zoom Scheduling Host) already scheduled a Zoom meeting without a password in your Canvas course using Zoom LTI Pro, you can add a password afterwards for an added layer of security (recommended).

Add a Passcode to a Zoom Meeting

  1. In your Canvas course, click Zoom in the Course Navigation Menu.
    Click Zoom in the Course Navigation Menu
  2. Click on the title of a meeting.
    Click on Title of Zoom Meeting
  3. Click the Edit this Meeting button.
    Click on Edit this meeting
  4. Under Security, select the Passcode checkbox and enter a passcode.
    Check Passcode and enter a passcode
  5. Click Save.
    Click Save

Warning: Adding or changing passwords will alter all recurring meetings (if part of a sequence) and the Zoom Meeting link will change.