What is a Zoom Scheduling Host?

The Zoom Scheduling Host is the person who schedules the meeting.

  • Every Zoom meeting has one Scheduling Host and you can add Alternative Hosts as needed.
  • There can only be one Scheduling Host per meeting, but you may have multiple Alternative Hosts.

Before your meetings are scheduled using the Zoom LTI Pro in Canvas, it is important to identify the Zoom Scheduling Host for your course carefully. There are specific actions that only the Zoom Scheduling Host can perform, as detailed below.

Comparing Roles and Permissions

To learn more about in-meeting roles, refer to Zoom’s Roles in a meeting documentation.

Only the Zoom Scheduling Host can:

The Zoom Scheduling Host and the Zoom Alternative Hosts both:

Note: The person who starts the meeting becomes the Meeting Host by default. All others become Meeting Co-Hosts by default. These roles can be reassigned by the Meeting Host as needed once the meeting begins.