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Have a question? Here are some frequently asked questions about using Poll Everywhere.

How can I request a Presenter license?

A Presenter license is required to use this tool.

  • In order to create activities (polls) using Poll Everywhere, faculty, staff, and TAs must first request a Presenter license from IS&T by emailing
  • Please note: You only have to request a Presenter license one time.
  • Once granted, anyone with a Presenter license (Faculty, Teaching Assistant, etc.) can login to and create and launch a poll.

Why can’t I access some features of my Presenter license?

If you’re unable to access some features of your Presenter license, it’s possible that the license hasn’t been activated. Contact IS&T ( to make sure you’ve been granted a Presenter license.

How long will my poll remain active?

By default, questions will remain active for one day after you activate them unless you deactivate the poll manually. You can also change your default poll activity time in your settings. To learn more, see Poll Everywhere: Activation Time Settings and Poll Everywhere: Activating a Poll.

Is Poll Everywhere accessible?

Poll Everywhere has given thought to accessibility in designing their product. You can find detailed information about its accessibility in the Poll Everywhere Accessibility Standards. When you use Poll Everywhere for presentations, consider reading your question and response options aloud in addition to showing them in writing. If you’re teaching live on Zoom, make sure to share the link to the poll in the web conference chat.

How many responses can an audience submit to a poll?

When you have your Presenter license, you should be able to accept up to 1000 responses per poll.

If you’re currently limited to 40 responses, your Presenter license may not have been activated. Contact IS&T ( to get support.

Can I give my TA access to the Poll Everywhere activities for a class?

Poll Everywhere Teams allow a group of presenters the same level of access and visibility to an activity (or set of activities). To get a team created, send an email to with the requested team name and Kerberos usernames of team members.

To learn more about sharing polls on a team, see Poll Everywhere: Sharing an activity.

Can I customize the URL of my Poll Everywhere response page?

You can customize the URL where participants respond to your polls by changing your Poll Everywhere username. To learn more, see Poll Everywhere: Customize your username and the URL of your response page.

How can I get support?

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere provides end-user support as part of MIT’s Enterprise license. If you have questions about using Poll Everywhere and its features, you can contact them directly by:​

Information Systems and Technology (IS&T)

Email for any questions related to:

  • Presenter licenses
  • Accounts
  • Teams

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