The MIT Sloan Teaching Studio is up and running! The Teaching and Learning Technologies team first piloted self-service studios at MIT Sloan in 2020. Sloan’s faculty made such fantastic use of the prototype studios that we knew we wanted to build the real thing. Now, after many months spent designing, testing, and building, we’re inviting our community to take advantage of this fantastic resource.

If you teach at MIT Sloan, this is your invitation to make great use of this new resource.

We designed the studio with you and your teaching in mind. The recording and broadcasting technology is streamlined so you can focus on teaching and learning. 

The MIT Sloan Teaching Studio is currently equipped with these resources:

  • cameras to capture your studio session;
  • a podium for your laptop;
  • a whiteboard that you can use just like the whiteboard in a classroom;
  • foot pedals, floor pads, and buttons that you can use to control the studio;
  • a confidence monitor where you can see exactly what’s being captured on camera;
  • a teleprompter where you can see your script while you’re recording a video;
  • and a “Gallery View” monitor for viewing your students on Zoom during live broadcasting.

The Teaching Studio is open to MIT Sloan faculty and staff. Instructors can also book the studio for student use. We’re excited to see how the Sloan community will use the studio!

Learn More

Are you interested in using the studio for your MIT Sloan course? Explore the Teaching Studio pages to learn more about this resource. When you’re ready to get started, the first step is to request a consultation with our team.


Jillian Rubman

Jillian Rubman

As a Lead Instructional Designer at MIT Sloan, I design learning experiences for diverse students on campus and around the globe. I’m passionate about education and technology’s potential to enrich learning experiences.