Learn about how Professor Sharmila Chatterjee used the Teaching Studio to create three videos for her Business-to-Business Marketing course.

Professor Sharmila Chatterjee knew what topics she wanted students to explore in her 15.833 Business-to-Business Marketing course. Since the fall 2021 semester included fewer class sessions than most fall semesters, she also knew that certain critical topics wouldn’t fit into the live class meetings. That’s why she decided to create three videos in the MIT Sloan Teaching Studio. By creating short videos and related exercises, she would help her students’ learning stay on track during this unique semester.

Design Goals

Videos screenshot that shows a professor standing next to a slide that reads Managing Market Offerings

A screenshot from Professor Chatterjee’s video

Professor Chatterjee designed each video with a specific goal in mind:

  • The first video presents key concepts related to managing market offerings.
  • The second video extends a class conversation about managing distribution channels.
  • The third video introduces an assignment in which students apply course concepts to a real-world scenario.

Creating the Videos

To create the videos, Professor Chatterjee transformed her existing in-class lectures into dynamic studio presentations. She revised her lecture content to focus on the most essential topics. She also adjusted font sizes and colors in her PowerPoint presentations to create studio-ready slides. The Teaching and Learning Technologies team provided audiovisual studio technology support as well as instructional design support throughout this project.

“The videos were a lifesaver as without them I would have been unable to cover important content [during this shortened semester].”

—Sharmila C. Chatterjee

Once the videos were ready to go, Professor Chatterjee’s teaching team added them to the Business-to-Business Marketing Canvas site. They embedded the videos in assignments and pages in Canvas. Following MIT Sloan’s Gold Standards for effective Canvas sites, they added the assignments and pages to Canvas modules so students would know where to find them.

Looking back on the project, Professor Chatterjee said, “The videos were a lifesaver as without them I would have been unable to cover important content [during this shortened semester].” Now she’s thinking about how she might continue using videos in future runs of her Business-to-Business Marketing course.

Learn More

Are you thinking about creating videos for your MIT Sloan course? Learn more about the MIT Sloan Teaching Studio and how to create your own instructional videos. When you’re ready to get started, the first step is to request a consultation with our team.

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Jillian Rubman

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