At a Glance

Panopto is often used by faculty to create video content, but it can also be used for student assignment deliverables.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to allow your students to record and submit a video to an assignment or discussion in Canvas.

How to Get Support


Panopto provides 24/7 end-user support as part of MIT’s Enterprise license. You can contact them directly by:

MIT Sloan Teaching & Learning Technologies

Submit a support request for any questions related to:

How to Use Panopto for Student Video Assignments and Discussions

If you’d like your students to record and submit a video to an assignment or discussion in Canvas, follow the instructions listed below.

Create an Assignment Folder in Panopto

First, you have to create an Assignment Folder in Panopto. Doing so will create a subfolder in the Videos tool where all student video submissions will be stored.

Determine How Students Will Submit Their Videos

Next, decide if you’d like students to submit their video project to an assignment or a discussion:

Make the Assignment or Discussion Available to Students

Be sure to publish the assignment or discussion that you just created, and then add it to a Module in your Canvas course.

Student Submissions

You can share these instructions for recording a video using Panopto and submitting it to an assignment or discussion in Canvas with your students.

Grading Video Submissions

Once students have submitted their video projects to a graded assignment or discussion, you can review, grade, and provide feedback for each student using the SpeedGrader in Canvas.