AI Basics

From neural networks to natural language, explore the key concepts that power AI systems.

AI Foundations for Teaching

Understanding AI’s conceptual foundations is key to effective integration. That’s why we’ve put together these beginner-friendly resources explaining the core technical concepts behind generative AI. Learn about neural networks, natural language processing, model architectures, and more. Whether you’re looking for a primer or seeking to fill knowledge gaps, these materials can provide a strong basis for thoughtful innovation. Let’s demystify the machine together.

Glossary of AI Terms

Review key terms and concepts to help you build your core understanding of generative AI.

ChatGPT Primer

Demystify the mechanics of ChatGPT with this insightful video featuring MIT Sloan’s Rama Ramakrishnan.

A New Innovation Platform

Learn how generative AI could join the ranks of world-changing innovation platforms in this video featuring MIT Sloan’s Michael Cusumano.

Write Effective Prompts

Master the art of crafting clear, optimized prompts for productive interactions with generative AI.

AI Hallucinations and Bias

Mitigate the risks of bias, misinformation, and error when you’re using generative AI tools.

Together, let’s blend the future of AI with the heart of teaching.