MIT Sloan faculty and staff can now use Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered chat tool that provides data-protected access to GPT-4 and DALLE-3.

Copilot can help augment your productivity in work and education settings. It has a number of features that you might find useful:

  • Content generation – Copilot can help write emails, documents, code comments based on conversational prompts.
  • Document summaries – Users can get high-level overviews of reports, research papers, presentations.
  • Creative media – Copilot provides access to DALL-E 3 for AI-generated images.

Built on large language models like GPT-4 and integrating DALL-E 3 for image generation, Copilot allows users to accomplish these tasks and more through natural conversational interactions. It has the potential to assist with efficiency, creativity, and productivity. Here’s the rundown:

  • You can access Copilot at with MIT Kerberos login.
  • The currently supported browsers are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
  • Queries are encrypted and not stored by Microsoft to protect privacy.

There are open questions regarding Copilot’s possibilities and limitations within an academic context that we continue to explore. We encourage faculty and staff to apply balanced and critical perspectives as you experiment with this new technology.

To learn more, see What is Microsoft Copilot (AI Chat)? in the MIT ServiceNow Knowledge Base.

Only faculty and staff currently have access to Microsoft Copilot through MIT. We expect that students will get access in early February 2024.


Jillian Rubman

Jillian Rubman

As a Lead Instructional Designer at MIT Sloan, I design learning experiences for diverse students on campus and around the globe. I’m passionate about education and technology’s potential to enrich learning experiences.