In this post in the Classroom of the Future Blog Series, we’ll talk about how the team is approaching the next steps in this multi-year initiative.

In this blog series, we’ve explored how the Discovery Team connected with faculty, staff, and students at MIT Sloan to learn about our community’s teaching and learning needs. This discovery process included listening sessions, classroom observation, a community survey, and creative workshops.

Now, let’s talk about what’s next. Discovery was just the beginning of this multi-year project. Overall, the Classroom of the Future Initiative will include these three major phases:

  1. Discovery: Learn from the MIT Sloan community
  2. Experimentation: Prototype and evaluate solutions
  3. Implementation: Deploy and iterate on the most promising solutions

We’ve just completed Discovery. Now we’re ready to move forward. During Phase 2: Experimentation, we’ll prototype and evaluate solutions to address the MIT Sloan community’s unique teaching and learning needs.

We’ve assembled a steering team to guide the initiative forward. The team includes representatives from the Teaching and Learning team, the Teaching and Learning Technologies team in Sloan Technology Services, Facilities, and Student Services. The steering team’s responsibilities will include:

  • incorporating Classroom of the Future needs into existing projects;
  • identifying evolving needs;
  • prioritizing and initiating new pilots and experiments;
  • engaging the community throughout the process;
  • and regularly reporting out about project progress

As we look towards the future, it’s important to acknowledge the incredible contributions that the MIT Sloan community has already made towards this project. We’re excited to continue this partnership as the Classroom of the Future journey unfolds!


Jillian Rubman

Jillian Rubman

As a Lead Instructional Designer at MIT Sloan, I design learning experiences for diverse students on campus and around the globe. I’m passionate about education and technology’s potential to enrich learning experiences.