At a Glance

In this guide for teaching teams, you will learn our top five classroom technology tips for teaching in an MIT Sloan classroom. Everybody, especially new faculty members and TAs, should watch the video to prepare for a successful start of the term.

Watch the Video

The video teaches you how to do the following:

  1. reset the room with the click of a button;
  2. load your presentation on the in-room PC;
  3. find Quick Starts – These configure the room with the press of a button for our most popular teaching scenarios;
  4. record your class and ensure it’s recording properly;
  5. find Audio Visual help on campus.

Review Our How To Guides

Check out our guides on how to use the technology in the room:

Attend Practice

After watching the video, you’re invited to sign up for a practice session to try teaching in a classroom and learn how to use the teaching table and other in-room technology before your course starts.

Request a Practice Session