At a Glance

Projecting wirelessly allows you to move freely around the classroom as you teach as well as directly engage with students while presenting and annotating.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use classroom technology to:

  • wirelessly share your device’s screen via Zoom; and
  • wirelessly share your device’s screen with the classroom projector.

Supported devices include Mac, PC, and iOS devices.

Tip: Connect your device to the MIT SECURE wireless network for the best performance.

Open the Zoom App on Your Device

If you haven’t already done so, download and login to the Zoom app on your device. This will allow for easy access to the wireless screen-sharing features of Zoom.

Connect Your Device to the Zoom Room

  1. Find the Zoom Room Controller Touch Panel in the front of the room near one of the sets of light switches. They are on the walls next to the doors.
    Photo of the zoom room controller location in the classroom
    Photo of Zoom Panel in Classroom
  2. Hold your device a few inches away from the Zoom Room Controller Touch Panel.
    Photo of someone holding an ipad close to a zoom room controller
  3. In the Zoom app on your device, click on the Share Screen button.
    Screenshot of the share screen button in the zoom desktop application
  4. Optional: If your device does not automatically connect to the Zoom Room Controller Touch Panel, do the following: 
    • On the Zoom Room Controller Touch Panel, tap Share Screen.
      Screenshot of the presentation tab in the zoom room controller
    • On the Zoom Room Controller Touch Panel, tap Desktop [1] (regardless of what device you’re using) and locate the Sharing Key [2] for screen sharing (e.g. EZNULS).
      Screenshot of the screen share information on the zoom room controller
  5. On your device, enter the provided Sharing Key into the Share Screen prompt.
    Screetshot of the share screen dialog in the zoom desktop application to enter in the sharing key or meeting id
  6. If your connection drops, repeat the steps above.
  7. If you need a higher-level quality video (high frame rate and full HD), there is a Laptop HDMI option in the room.

Send Your Screen to the Projector

  1. Find the Touch Panel at the Teaching Table in the front of the classroom.
    Photo of Teaching Table in Classroom
  2. At the Teaching Table, do the following:
    • Tap Conferencing  [1].
    • Under Screen Share, tap OFF [2].
      Image of the classroom control panel showing how to send the center projector into Zoom
  3. On the Touch Panel, tap Screen Setup on the right-hand side of the screen.
    Image of the classroom control panel showing how to open the screen setup panel
  4. On the Touch Panel, do the following:
    • Under Screen Select, select where you’d like to project your screen (e.g. Center Screen) [1].
    • Then, under Input Sources, tap on the source you’d like to send (e.g. Zoom Content) [2].
      • Note: Teaching teams typically project their screen on the Center Screen and the Confidence Monitor.
        Image of the classroom control panel showing how to send Zoom shared screen to the center projector

Tip: If you’re using an iPad, migrate all of your PowerPoint presentations to O365, Dropbox, or other popular platforms so you can access them on the iPad app for PowerPoint. Use four fingers to swipe back and forth. This allows you to quickly move between other apps such as Explain Everything.