At a Glance

By default, every course recording can be downloaded by viewers. This can be a security and intellectual property risk, so we are advising faculty to turn this feature off after every class or other Zoom cloud recording.

Permissions: This can only be done by the Scheduling Host Zoom Account. This is the owner of the meeting and is generally the Faculty Member or the TA.

Prevent a Zoom Recording From Being Downloaded

  1. Log into
  2. Click Recordings.
    Click Recordings
  3. Under the Cloud Recordings tab, find the recording in the list and click Share.
    Click Share Button
  4. Click Share Settings.
    Screenshot of zoom's cloud recording share settings with another share settings button highlighted
  5. Click the Viewers can Download toggle to turn it off. It will turn gray when disabled.
    Screenshot of Viewers can download toggle in Zoom
  6. Click Done.