At a Glance

Welcome to the aPlus+ Attendance Pilot for Spring 2024 at MIT Sloan! We’re thrilled to have you on board as we explore ways to streamline attendance and participation tracking at MIT Sloan. Thank you again for your willingness to incorporate something new into your classroom – we look forward to learning together.

We’re piloting aPlus+ Attendance in select courses in Spring 2024. This page contains information for courses that are taking part in the pilot program.

Streamline Attendance Tracking with aPlus+

aPlus+ Attendance seamlessly integrates attendance tracking into your Canvas course. Skip the manual work of taking attendance and enjoy the benefits of automation.

Key Benefits

  1. Centralized record keeping for teaching teams
  2. Attendance tracking with various check-in options
    • Manual Entry: 
      • TA or faculty member manually marks student attendance per class session
      • Option to note late arrivals, early exits, and add comments
    • Unique Code: 
      • Students check in via unique code in web browser or Canvas Student app
      • Code can be static or rolling for each class session
  3. Generate attendance reports
  4. Automatic syncing of attendance to Canvas gradebook (optional)

How to Get Support

Get in touch with our team by submitting a ticket. We’ll get you to the resources and support you need right away.

Share Your Pilot Experience

Your feedback is critical to improving attendance and participation tracking at MIT Sloan. Please share your insights throughout the pilot:

  • Pulse Surveys: You’ll receive brief surveys periodically to capture your real-time feedback. These will take just a few minutes to complete.
  • Listening Sessions: Near the end of the term, we’ll hold 30-minute listening sessions to hear about your experience. This is a chance to dive deeper into what worked well versus what needs refinement.
  • Survey for Teaching Teams: You’ll receive a comprehensive survey to rate the overall efficacy of aPlus+ Attendance compared to your previous attendance tracking methods near the end of the term.
  • Survey for Students: Near the end of the term, we’ll provide you with a student survey to distribute that will allow us to gather key insights directly from your students on their perspective of what worked well and what could be improved to better meet student needs.

We encourage you to document your observations, pain points, and ideas along the way. Your detailed input will help us determine if aPlus+ Attendance is the right solution for MIT Sloan.