At a Glance

Learn how to prepare for your studio session in the MIT Sloan Teaching Studio. This guide covers picking an outfit and practicing your presentation.

Choose Your Outfit

Wear an outfit that will look great on camera:

  • Choose a garment that includes both
    • a neckline or lapel where you can place the clip-on microphone;
    • and a back pants pocket or belt where you can attach the microphone hardware.
  • Wear solid color clothing. (You may be able to wear a simple pattern if you’re wearing a jacket over it.)
  • Don’t wear all white, all black, all red, the same green as the green screen, or the same color as your studio slides.
  • For shoes, consider wearing flats. High heels can make it difficult to operate the studio foot pedals.
  • Avoid wrinkled clothes; shiny fabric; busy patterns (like high-contrast stripes, plaids, or polka dots); and visible labels, logos, or text.
  • Smooth down wispy or flyaway hair.
  • Wear makeup if desired. Face powder can help prevent shine under the studio lights.
  • Avoid jewelry or other accessories that could make noise while you’re recording.

Practice Your Presentation

Practice your presentation at home and during your studio orientation. This way you can confirm the length of your presentation, get a sense of what works, and spot any desired revisions. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Smile and be energetic.
  • Remember to enunciate.
  • Use your normal speaking voice and volume.
  • Feel free to use hand gestures if they feel natural.
  • Use good posture and open body language.
  • Look directly at the camera lens as often as possible.
  • Pretend you’re talking to a friend who’s behind the camera.