At a Glance

Zoom allows meeting participants and hosts to change their virtual backgrounds. This can help brand your presence or simply mask distractions in the background.

In this guide, you will learn how to generate and change your background using our MIT Sloan Zoom Background Generator.

Personalized MIT Sloan Virtual Background

To generate a personalized MIT Sloan virtual background with your name, visit the MIT Sloan Zoom Background Generator and follow the on-screen instructions.

This tool has been created to enable MIT Sloan students to generate a virtual background to use in classroom Zoom sessions. Your name is intended to be highly visible even when other participants are using gallery view. When using this background, please situate yourself in such a way as to minimize overlap with the name. Your name will always stay in a minimal area in the top corner of your screen.

MIT Sloan Branded Virtual Backgrounds

MIT Sloan has a variety of branded backgrounds that you can download and use.

Change Your Virtual Background in Zoom

To learn how to change your virtual background in Zoom, refer to Zoom’s support site about virtual backgrounds.