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Reimagine your lessons and engage students by incorporating generative AI into your courses.

Unlock New Possibilities with AI in Teaching

Looking for ways to bring generative AI into your classroom? Whether you’re a curious newcomer or looking to deepen existing practices, we’ve designed a library of guides, case studies, and strategies to offer a path forward. Here you’ll find ways to adapt assignments, optimize prompts, enhance assessments, and much more. Each resource aims to ease your integration process, providing incremental steps that can make your teaching both more efficient and more engaging. No quantum leaps required—just a structured approach for educators at any level of AI familiarity.

As you consider how to best use generative AI in your course, questions will arise. Contact us today for a personalized consultation. We’re here to be your thought partner during your development and implementation process.

Getting Started with AI-Enhanced Teaching

Discover how you can harness generative AI to engage students in active learning, promote deeper comprehension, and bring abstract ideas to life.

Practical Strategies for Teaching with AI

Learn specific strategies for AI integration, including accounting for its limitations and guiding students’ use of generative AI models.

4 Steps to Design an AI-Resilient Learning Experience

Enhance your teaching and help your students develop the durable skills they’ll need to succeed in this AI-powered era.

AI Detectors Don’t Work. Here’s What to Do Instead.

Explore strategies for fostering academic honesty and integrity in the age of generative AI.

Data-Driven Teaching: AI for Pre- & Post-Class Surveys

Learn how to create student-facing surveys and analyze the results using generative AI.

Coming Soon: Discipline-Specific AI Use Cases

Discover how educators are using AI in exciting ways tailored to their specific fields of study.

Coming Soon: Fostering Inclusive Learning with AI

Learn how to leverage generative AI to create more equitable and accessible learning environments.

Coming Soon: Mastering AI-Driven Instruction

Take your AI-enhanced teaching skills to the next level with proven tips from innovative educators.

Coming Soon: Resources for Your Students

Provide your students with resources to learn how to use AI tools effectively, avoid pitfalls, and maximize educational benefits.

AI in the Classroom: Use Cases from MIT Sloan Faculty

AIAI Use CasesChatGPTFaculty Spotlight
December 20, 2023

Innovative Pedagogy Meets AI: Jared Curhan’s Modern Twist on Negotiation Training at MIT Sloan

Imagine a negotiation classroom where AI doesn't just assist but actively participates. Dive into the world of AI-augmented negotiation, where Professor Jared Curhan of MIT Sloan seamlessly blends research-backed teaching…
AIAI Use CasesChatGPTNew in AI
October 20, 2023

Timely Insights & Use Cases for OpenAI in the Classroom: DALL·E Imagery and ChatGPT’s Image Analysis & Voice Functionality

Learn how you can use ChatGPT's new features to enhance your students' learning experiences. This guide aims to provide a detailed overview of the most recent additions to OpenAI's offerings, specifically…
AIAI Use CasesChatGPTFaculty Spotlight
October 17, 2023

Synergizing Business Communication and AI: Melissa Webster Augments Management Communication

Picture a classroom where future business leaders don't just read about AI's role in communication—they experience it first-hand. Melissa Webster couples traditional pedagogy with the capabilities of generative AI to…