Are you planning on running a simulation at an event? Request a consultation from our team. We use the Sloan Remote Lab to host software for simulations. Participants will not need to install software on their computer unless they choose the option to use the VMWare Horizon Client

 Running simulations generally requires a controlled environment where students can take part without the need to install complex and specialized software. For example: 

  • You may want to prepare a Windows environment with ChangePro that is ready for use.  
  • Maybe you’ll need a set of files preloaded on a desktop with software such as Vensim so it is available immediately upon logging in.  

During your consultation:  

  • Our team will assess your simulation event needs.  

After your consultation:  

  • We will set up the lab and create login documentation.  

On the day of the event: 

  • We can provide remote support to make sure everyone logs in quickly.  
  • Simulations can be an engaging activity during class time. We’re here to make sure the technology doesn’t get in the way of your students’ learning experience. 

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For Additional Support

Visit our Support Center to find clear step-by-step instructions on how to use the tools at MIT Sloan, register for upcoming trainings, and view all request forms.