Are you planning an online event at MIT Sloan that uses Zoom? Request support from our team. 

You may already be familiar with Zoom, but our team has built out advanced capabilities to enhance the use of Zoom in your MIT Sloan event. Whether you’re hosting an online event with dozens, if not hundreds, of participants or bringing a remote guest speaker into a Sloan-supported space, our team can support you to the best of our ability. 

After submitting your request, we will: 

  • reach out to you via email if we have any questions, and 
  • facilitate optional test calls and rehearsals that might be in the room you’re using (schedule permitting). 

On the day of your event: 

  • We will have an AV Specialist in the room to ensure the technology is functioning correctly and to control the cameras. 
  • Your remote participants can see and hear your students if they ask any questions. The rooms have microphones built into the ceiling, so there’s no need to pass a microphone around. 

Submit Request Form

To request AV Support for an online event, complete this form.

Note: We recommend requesting AV Support for an online event as early as possible. 

For Additional Support

Visit our Support Center to find clear step-by-step instructions on how to use the tools at MIT Sloan, register for upcoming trainings, and view all request forms.