At a Glance

All courses that you are enrolled in for the current term are available on your Canvas Dashboard. After a term ends, these courses are automatically removed from the Dashboard. To learn how to access your past courses, refer to How to Access a Past Course in Canvas.

In this guide, you will learn how to keep your course on the Dashboard after the term has passed by marking the course as a Favorite.

Important Notes

  • This action cannot be taken retroactively. You cannot favorite a course after the term ends. You must favorite the course while the term is current.
  • Once you favorite at least one course, your Canvas Dashboard will only display favorited courses. Canvas will continue to automatically favorite new course enrollments. You can unfavorite a course at any time by clicking the star to deselect.
  • On your Canvas Dashboard, any courses in which you have an instructor role will be listed first, followed by TA roles and any other custom instructor-based roles. Any courses in which you have a student role are listed last.

Customize Your Canvas Dashboard Using Favorites

  1. In Canvas, click Courses [1] in the Global Navigation Menu and click All Courses [2] to display the full list of courses you’re enrolled in.
    Screenshot of All Courses Menu in Canvas
  2. Click the Star icon next to the course title to add it to your favorites. A filled star indicates that a course is a favorite.
    Screenshot of Starring a Course in Canvas