At a Glance

The course name is displayed on the Course Card on your Canvas Dashboard. Canvas course names are set when the course site is first provisioned in Canvas, but teaching teams can modify the course name if desired.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to change the name of your course in Canvas.

When changing your course name, use the following naming protocol: Course Number(s) – Course Name (e.g., 15.927 – Marketing Lab).

Teaching teams should NOT modify the Course Code (e.g., 15.927_SP22) under Settings.

Change the Course Name in Canvas

  1. In your Canvas course, click on Settings in the Course Navigation Menu.
    Screenshot of Settings link in the Course Navigation Menu
  2. Click the Course Details tab.
    Screenshot of Course Details tab
  3. In the Name field, edit the course name as desired.
    Screenshot of Name field

    • Note: The Name field has a 255 character limit.
  4. Click on the Update Course Details button to save your changes.
    Screenshot of Update Course Details button