At a Glance

This guide outlines the process for cross-registered students from Wellesley and Harvard to access a Canvas course at MIT Sloan.

Learn more about the cross-registration process for Wellesley and Harvard at MIT’s Registrar’s Office.

Process Overview

  1. The student follows the official process to cross-register. Each institute has its own cross-registration rules as outlined by MIT Registrar’s Cross-Registration Instructions. Harvard and Wellesley students must complete the appropriate process.
  2. MIT creates a Kerberos account for the student. Once the student completes the cross-registration process, MIT creates a Kerberos account for the student within 24 hours.
  3. MIT Sloan creates a Canvas account for the student. The student will be able to log into Canvas at MIT 24 hours after their Kerberos account is created.
  4. The student must officially register for the course. Once the student’s registration is processed in MITSIS, they are automatically added to the corresponding Canvas course within 24 hours.
  5. (Optional) Provide the student with temporary access to the Canvas course. Any teaching team member can give the cross-registered student temporary access to their Canvas course after the student’s Canvas account is created in Step 3 but before their official registration is processed in MITSIS in Step 4. Add the student with a 48-Hour Pass role using the Membership Tool in Canvas. See How to Use the Membership Tool in Canvas for step-by-step instructions.

Tip: Temporary roles allow the person to work just like a regular student in Canvas. Once the registration from MITSIS processes, the temporary role will be overwritten in Canvas as long as the MITSIS and Canvas sections match, and all of the work done in the temporary role will transfer to the official Student role.

Get Support

For questions related to the Cross-Registration process, contact: