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Keep pace with the latest research, insights, and shifts in AI-driven education.

Mapping AI’s Leading Edge

The impacts of AI on education are just beginning. This section scans the horizon for what’s next. Discover new capabilities that could soon reshape teaching and learning. Understand evolving best practices as generative AI advances. Gain insights from faculty and student innovators who are pioneering new methods. Together we’ll chart a course through this dynamic landscape, separating signal from noise to determine how emerging AI trends could impact your teaching.

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Coming Soon: The Rise of Generative AI

Learn about the evolution of generative AI and why this disruptive technology marks a major shift with profound implications for education.

Coming Soon: AI and Education Research Digest

Stay up-to-date with digests presenting key insights and implications from emerging research on AI in education.

Coming Soon: Future Trends

Get insights into emerging AI capabilities, forecasted shifts, and their potential impact on teaching and learning.

Together, let's uncover insights and best practices for teaching with generative AI.