Policy & Ethics

Chart a course through the complexities of AI—with an emphasis on transparency, data privacy, and best practices.

Advancing AI Thoughtfully

Generative AI brings both tremendous new capabilities and complex questions around ethical use. This section provides resources to guide you in this journey. Learn data privacy best practices, evaluate model limitations thoughtfully, and foster inclusive learning. With informed perspectives, we can develop teaching practices that harness AI’s potential while mitigating risks. Let’s work together to positively shape the role of AI in higher education.

Explore the Resources

MIT Sloan Generative AI Guiding Principles

Guidance for faculty about how to factor generative AI advancements into your MIT Sloan course.

Navigating Data Privacy

Essential guidelines for protecting your and students’ privacy when using generative AI for teaching and learning.

Together, we'll keep ethics at the forefront as we shape the future of higher education.