At a Glance

Classes for Spring 2023 will primarily be held in-person. A small number of fully online courses may be offered. In-person and fully online scenarios are outlined below.

Spring In-Person Courses

In-person courses that take place in MIT Sloan classrooms (E62, E52, and E51) will be live-streamed and recorded by Sloan Technology Services (STS) for all class “lecture” sessions for the entire term.

To learn more, refer to the FAQ: Livestreaming and Classroom Recordings.

For information on remote guest speakers, simulations, and special AV needs, refer to Part 4: Prepare Your Classroom Technology in the Term Start Checklist.

Note: Recitations are NOT recorded by default. STS can livestream and record recitations upon request by the teaching team.

What happens if an instructor tests positive for COVID or does not feel well and is unsure of their COVID status before getting tested?

  • The Office of Teaching and Learning recommends creating a contingency plan in the event you’re unable to teach a class session due to illness.
    • The best solution is to identify a replacement instructor who can teach the class session on your behalf.
    • If a replacement is unavailable, you may request a remote class session by completing the Hybrid/Remote Session Request Form assuming you are well enough to do so (e.g., COVID-positive, but asymptomatic). Once this is filled out and submitted, the Office of Teaching and Learning will coordinate with Sloan Technology Services to set up the necessary support.
  • For more information, refer to:
    • The Office of Teaching and Learning’s policies and documentation.
    • MIT NOW to learn what to do if you have Covid-19 symptoms, test positive, or are a close contact.

Helpful Guides for Students

We recommend sharing the following resources with students who may need to attend your in-person course remotely:

Spring Online Courses

Any fully-online Spring course will use Zoom.

Helpful Guides for Remote Students

We recommend sharing the following resources with students in your fully remote course: