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The method teaching teams use to track class attendance varies. For example, some teams track attendance outside of Canvas (e.g. In an Excel spreadsheet) while others use Canvas assignments. There is also a Canvas tool called Attendance (Roll Call) that is available for you to use, but its functionality is limited.

Note: Sloan Technology Services is exploring other tools for tracking attendance and participation in Canvas. If you’re interested in sharing your current process for tracking attendance and participation, what challenges you face, what could be improved, and other feedback with our team, submit this form.

Use the Attendance (Roll Call) Tool in Canvas

Enable the Attendance (Roll Call) Tool in Your Canvas Course

  1. If you’re interested in using this tool, you need to enable the Attendance tool in your Course Navigation Menu by going to Settings > Navigation. This tool is hidden by default.
  2. Once enabled, the Attendance link will appear in the Course Navigation Menu of your Canvas course.
    • Note: Only Teachers, Course Admins, Graders, and TAs will see the Attendance link in the Course Navigation Menu. Students CANNOT see this link.
      Screenshot of the Attendance link in the Course Navigation Menu in Canvas
  3. When you enable the Attendance tool, a Roll Call Attendance assignment is automatically created under Assignments.
    • IMPORTANT: Do NOT unpublish, rename, or delete this assignment. Doing so will BREAK the connection to the Attendance tool.
      Screenshot of the Attendance Roll Call assignment in Canvas

Helpful Resources

How to Get Support


If you have questions about the Attendance (Roll Call) tool, Instructure provides 24/7 end-user support as part of MIT’s Enterprise license to faculty, staff, and teaching assistants by phone or chat.

You can get help by using the Help menu in the Global Navigation Menu:​
Click Help in the Global Navigation Menu